entry level

  • parents: eat your vegetables child
  • me: that fufu lame shit I ain't wit it
  • all: gratata
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Track: Aku no Hana
Artist: 宇宙人
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People: *try accusing me of being part of the illuminati*

Me: △?

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I guess
I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass (via monitormylife)
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not stoned, just slightly pebbled

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A woman’s body is not for you. If she wants to cover it, she should feel free and safe in doing so. If she wants to expose it, she should feel free and safe in doing so. It is not an indication of her self-respect, but an indication of her preferences for whatever reasons she chooses — none of which are your business or concern.

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